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Christian Fiil Lindekilde, PhD

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Christian founded Black Swan in 2015 with the vision of supporting the positive outlier investments which should shape the creation of a more efficient and sustainable future.
Christian is a passionate investor who believes that entrepreneurs can change the World by always seeking better solutions for the users. A keen interest in Artificial Intelligence has formed Christian’s belief that we are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. Artificial Intelligence underpins his vision that disruptive solutions will lead to extreme value creation, and re-shape trillion-dollar industries. He is an expert in M&A and an established wealth manager and investment banker who spent his career in leading firms.
During his career, Christian has worked for the top tier Danish law firm Gorrisson Federspiel and the World leading wealth management bank UBS. Christian has a diversity of skills and competence which he uses in the different stages of company growth such as finance, law, leadership and a deep knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.
During his years within M&A at Gorrisson Federspiel and UBS, Christian established a vast and solid network of successful entrepreneurs and established financial professionals. Christian is a financial engineer with a unique understanding of markets and investment opportunities. He has assisted many clients in reaching their investment return goals.
Christian holds a Master in Business and Law, PhD within Mergers & Acquisitions from Aarhus University, Denmark and Karl Ruprecht University Heidelberg, Heidelberg Germany. Christian is a PRINCE2 certified project manager.