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Jeppe R. Stokholm, PhD

Head of Blockchain Business Development

Jeppe R. Stokholm, PhD is Head of Blockchain Business Development and responsible for Black Swan’s blockchain strategy and investments. He is also Chairman for Black Swan Investments A/S, which is the initial Limited Partner of Black Swan VC Fund I.
Jeppe’s role is to identify disruptive blockchain technologies that aligned with our values and help source compliant blockchain investments by bringing value-added resources to the Black Swan eco-system.
His focus is blockchain investments with a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) profile, including large decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized exchanges, custody/payments/wallets, stable digital currencies, compliant alternative trading systems and/or security token platforms (blockchain/DLT infrastructures).
Jeppe previously worked for Deloitte in Denmark and the Netherlands, and in different Danish law firms as a Partner.
Jeppe conducted his Ph.D. research on international corporate law at Duke University, USA, Tilburg University, Netherlands and South Denmark University, Denmark.