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Gianluca Forino

Project Manager

Gianluca is a project manager at Black Swan and focuses on structuring and planning internal projects across a broad set of business goals. Gianluca comes equipped with a growing insight, network and determination as well as excellent project management and communication skills. Gianluca played a key role in the development of a unique Black Swan Rating System in which an objective score is combined with in-depth subjective analysis from the Investment Team.
Whilst working at Black Swan, Gianluca has completed due diligence on a vast majority of start-ups in the Black Swan pipeline, from the initial pitch to deeper financial analysis. He has also built solid relationships with the senior management of Black Swan’s portfolio companies and follows their development closely as we work together in building a successful future for such portfolio companies.   
Gianluca’s theoretical knowledge spans Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles, Environmental Science and Economic History, and key skills include advanced econometric mapping, analysis and presentation.
Gianluca holds a BSc in Geography and Economics for the University of Reading.